Writings of Nostradamus
Century I
Century II
Century III
Century IV
Century V
Century VI
Epistle to Henry II
Century VII
Century VIII
Century IX
Century X
Almanacs: 1555-1563
Almanacs: 1564-1567
Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce used similar techniques as to what is called stargazing and remote viewers used in the STARGATE.
Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is now utlizing the Agashan Shaman Oracle Techniques in her sleep patterns as a sleeping prophet. Returning through time travel with past and future occurancences. No changes can be noted, only viewing the other worlds that are said to be in other dimensions.
We are all on autosave at this time until we can all come together and peruse the Akashic Field together. Thus Far TJ has only been able to take a group at a time while losing many to their physical state in sleep.,,,,,

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