Quest for New Atlantis Begins! | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

Quest for New Atlantis Begins! | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.:

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I am sharing my American Culture Immortality Realization as ACIR which is also

American Culture International Relations and Assured Confidential Investigative Reports.

I am going public as a Sole Owner as first a writer, packager, promoter, talk show host, and last an organizer and then an agent-producer

In this day and time I have had to step down my energy to the lower levels in the world so I can assist those who are closest to me in the world.

There is a reason we are located where we are and it is common sense because we feel comfortable we can survive in our present location, otherwise we will go where we can survive.


Survival Mode is simple. Go where the energy flows to keep one alive in physical form so the mind can grow and the spirit can learn and send back the information of the life memories back to your soul.


There have been many people who have lived and died and many whom have paid me to assist them in life as a psychic, spiritual adviser, and life coach.

Many of my friends have been life coaches and have moved onto a field of survival in their own location and have left me behind as their student and teacher.

In the spiritual working world we have a Bond and Creed and those who work with me sign the contract in order to manifest their spiritual rewards with me as ministers of their truth to survive.

Those who are know me in the Ascension Age Ministry of art, culture, education become members of the ACE FOLKLIFE CLUB. This is a private club and I vet who I desire to know me in an inner circle. We trade energy I give them support and they give me support. Some people just get too close to the keeper of the flame and can’t handle the heat so they have to leave! Are you one of those who want to experience the fire and passion of your own self while getting good and close to the Keeper?

The SOUL has a Spiritual Bond in the Metaphysical Working World of Manifestation.

We allow our spirit to possess our mind’s eye and our spirit runs the projector while the mind provides the screen. We are all creating and manifesting our own life story which plays out inside our own body-mind-spirit encased essence.

People who follow the ritual programs in their tribes will locate their own level of synergy.

People who I came in contact with as Team Players taught me in BUSINESS how to manage and how to be a woman in business and how to become a leader to assist others with my WOW!

The Ascension Center is my WOW!

Those who went to People Synergistically Involved all the way through will remember the final outcome and I am still radiating that light together with others out here in the world of humanity.

I am the creation of a co-created synergy and I profess myself to be a success and would like to add my ET experiences to that which we call Xpansion of the Xenoverse of the Unknown universe.

It is now time for me to lead those who are on my path while we journey together as partners.

Who will show up and want to play my game of life on this planet?


THE BOOK TAKEN UP also known as the BOOK OF THERESA will now BEGINS in cyberspace.


How the SHOW BEGINS is the FACT that TJ is THERESA who is the actual ORACLE of the MATRIX inside the AKASHIC FIELD which is a layer of energy that connects others to the FIELD OF ENERGY called the FIELD OF EVERYTHING.

Follow the future story to the TREASURE HUNT which is inside the matrix we call the GAME OF LIFE created by MOTHER THERESA the KEEPER OF THE FLAME who is also known as TJ Morris ET!

Costume and all will be displayed at the COMING OUT PARTY on HALLOWEEN 2012 with various organizations and CHARACTERS supporting her in the NEW MOVIE CALLED

PHOENIX RISING! This movie is one that begins where the MATRIX, TRON, AVATAR, and STARGATE left others hanging on the memories.

THERESA also known as TARA and JANETTE with Janet Kira Lessin will be joining Cocreations to see what the FEMALE GODDESS ENERGIES CAN create together in this lifetime for others to find peace in their own life creations!

TJ shares her products and services with those who have something to trade and return.

Not all people know that TJ has a Djinn connection in the world of MAGIC in the cards.

TJ says pick a Card any care as long as it is in the TAROT DECK in the GAME OF LIFE!

2012 WOMAN Shares ET Technology

Primary View Active MISSION by TJ Morris ~ TJ OF ASCENSION



ET Technology is TJ 2012 WOMAN

Theresa J Thurmond Morris is sole owner of the power in TJ MORRIS tm ACIR sm granted to her by the ASCENSION CENTER ORGANIZATION AND ACE FOLKLIFE CLUB by the powers that be given by the Xpansion of ASCENSION AGE 2012 & BEYOND ~ Final Destination Fantasy ~ OBAMA WORLD WITH TJ OF ASCENSION AS THE MAIN CHARACTER FOR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

2012 Truthful Challenges in Obama World – A Woman’s Time to Vote In 2012

US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009)

With his family by his side, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States by Chief Justice of the United States John G. Roberts, Jr. in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2009. More than 5,000 men and women in uniform are providing military ceremonial support to the presidential inauguration, a tradition dating back to George Washington’s 1789 inauguration.


By: Theresa J Thurmond Morris


President Barack Obama is a world leader. The most important world leader of our time in 2012.

Ascension Center Organization – Higher Consciousness – Raising Awakening Awareness

We are all the author of our own life story which is our legacy

We are to become more than we are and it is time for women to become more involved in life decisions and opportunities around the world.

There is an inner and outer work in our world.

Our inner world includes our minds and our souls.

Our outer world is the reflection of all that we experience.

Our own conscious awareness is about expansion and growth which requires change in all that we are at present.

We are about the future.

Open Mind Project with Social Entrepreneurs around the Working World

We are about people helping people as People Synergistically Involved as PSI

We are about Civitan International and all other organizations created for fellowship around the world.

Some are faith based organization and President Obama has claimed in public that Jesus Christ is Lord which can still be seen on You Tube for those who like to research.

We know that it was the younger generation of the computer generation in cyberspace who was influenced the most to cast their vote for Obama who was smart enough to see how much the future voters at the youngest demographic level of 18- 25 could do for this working world. Jobs are important to our wellbeing on earth.

Our education system in this world is important to the entire global future. Our entire global operation is based on our future awakening awareness which requires we have some basic understanding of how to communicate.

We are both male and female and we are groomed in the best country in the world as workers. If we have a purpose in this world it is to explore our growth opportunities while here passing time on this orb that is traveling at 18 miles per hour in space.

We will now learn what it is like to work together toward sustainability of both planet and species and to be caregivers for both.

It is time we knew the truth that the enemy is not us as a species on this planet but rather other species from other universes that can come and take what we have from us.

There truly are species similar to us only in the fact that they are humanoid bi-peddles however their whole intent is to conquer other worlds in other universes and they have the technology created from the nuclear space dust in space to travel through wormholes to travel faster than the speed of light.

People like me who are chosen as a messenger from another working world in the twin galaxy of Andromeda is what this world has not recognized in the past.

I am here to share that alien civilizations exist and that extraterrestrial vehicles are used in space. They use the nuclear space dust gathered and filtered through higher powered rockets that propel them in space and we have not yet conquered this level of technology but we will.

TJ Morris claims the right to create a pact and journal to share with other interested parties in creating a new consciousness and concept as our world within a world as that of OBAMA WORLD in the United States of America.

Every being on earth is completed with a left and right brain with separate hemispheres. As we gain knowledge of life while living to learn and learning to live, it is my desire to assist others with words and understanding in life.

There is also a war within with the lower physical body and the higher spiritual body. As we learn to live, we take on the mediation moderator of our soul self to challenge our definition of who we are as individuals and as part of our cultural society in the study of anthropology and ontology.

I desire to claim OBAMA WORLD as the world in which we can all be creators and supporters of the new world in Cyber Space. The virtual reality world that we are call life on the Internet as a free tool of self-discovery.

The United States of America claims home and creator of the Internet and World Wide Web and the best world leader the country of the Unites States of America now referred to as USA.

President Barack Obama can be related to Spock on Star Trek according to some reports he has compared himself to Spock and he watched Star Trek from the age of ten years old. Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

It is our destiny to become the future world as a new world. This journalist writer will be experiencing the new world on planet Gaia and Earth as one who is into extraterrestrial living and extra-terrestrial vehicles or ETVs.

Therefore, I claim as Founder the right to write about OBAMA WORLD in my blogs and websites as my own creation electing President Barack Obama as the leader of my new world which I claim to discover as OBAMA WORLD.

Because I am a colorful character that has many interests on this planet, I desire to endorse and be an advocate for change and let the chips fall where they may.

It is my decision to be the first creator of the story of the OBAMA WORLD with the subheading called the WAR WITHIN. This story will be how I manage to live and exist on planet earth with my SPOCK friend leading the way. We are all the authors of our own life stories. We each have a role to play in the game of life. Our minds and our souls are being waged in war of both that which was and that which will be.

We are becoming more of love in life that fears of the unknown once created havoc and chaos. We can now overcome the past and learn from our ancestors mistakes.

I will become an advocate of this gendered male and female of mixed races to form a more perfect unified field of origin in my own personal existence while here on earth.

This will dissipate and expand outwardly when I leave this level of existence that we now call life on earth as one being of the ascension sentient intelligent beings species that travels in space on a planet called earth. We travel at eighteen miles per hour and we are here to learn that which our souls desire to enhance and carry on in our energy as our own essence. We are all in the process of changing and becoming more than we are at present. This is our fate and our destiny. We are to live a serendipity synergetic existence with others of our species. We are the humanoid sentient intelligent beings in space.

It is my will and desire to proclaim that I will be endorsing President Barack Obama as the new Spock Leader whose name will become a hosting historical marker in time for beings such as me that some call Alien Hybrids. Some of us are ET contactee experiencers. We share that we have memories and experiences of past lives on earth and in space. We are here to assist those who are to awaken their own memories of who they are outside of this present existence.

My race and gender also being one of gender and mixed color in the DNA realms share what we call humanity for the good of the species. We are first humanoid sentient intelligent beings of our entire species as a tribe. We are brought here to become more with our own experiences to create our future memories.

While it is my duty to remain alive and share responsibility with those who are like me as a bi-peddle, I shall invoke and require my friends, colleagues and associates to remain truthful to their higher selves while become better beings and spiritual intellectuals.

I will champion our higher cause to take up the battle or war within. We shall learn about many people, places, and things in this game of life on earth.

We shall create our place with our essence energy that we choose to keep inside our body-mind-spirit vessels we call an ascension sentient intelligent beings. Those who choose to join me on this new spiritual quest will receive guidance without tools that we shall forge in an alliance on earth.

We each have a way to create our own Cyberspace Network Expansions. This project we can frame as a model calling it the X-pansion. The expansion of knowledge, in information and communication in cyberspace will be our donation of our time and us as advocates in training as information net workers and communicators for the good of all.

We will become those who recognize the path as the road to recovery in economic hard times while visiting earth as an individual unit.

Those who take up the pledge for the “War Within” will complete the process of the X-pansion.

The Ascension Center is the logo and icon that was given me, Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris from the Galaxy Alliance to share as a symbol of good will and good faith between those on planet earth and those above in the universal alliance.

The Galaxy Alliance in space has a military logo and icon that was given to my companion, soul mate, spouse, and partner in this lifetime. This is the military that will defend this planet when needed. We share these logos which belong to those above.

The logos are the first sign to the Obama World that there is a need for Spock Obama. We will share our time creating works and words that will enhance the goodwill toward all beings on earth and off world.

This game will become a reality in software created by the TJ MORRIS tm Friends of the OBAMA WORLD ALLIANCE.

We will be counting on the future which will include the CYBER SPACE SECURITY FORCE.

WE acknowledge the need for President Barack Obama’s leadership.

WE share in the need for Cyberspace Security beginning in the Unites States of America and expanding in our world of X-pansion that we shall oversee and carry forth among our social network and supporters.

WE share in the knowledge that we can comprehend and perceive as government, civilians, in e-commerce on the Internet and World Wide Web.

WE calmly claim that it is the OBAMA WORLD as the WAR WITHIN that will lead us on the path to economic recovery as a bi-partisan group of beings.

I promise to devote my time in sharing in the creation of OBAMA WORLD with other interested parties while here on earth to banish the world outside of Cyber Space Obama World of ignorance and discrimination.

I promise to share information that is truthful and challenges claims to truth if I feel that it is falsehoods.

I will champion this cause as a way to claim the right to morals, integrity, justice, and truth through my power and calling as the Keeper of the Flame.

If Romney becomes President of the United States of America because he believes in Extraterrestrials as does the core beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints then this is the year of extraterrestrials in space and TJ of Ascension will share the Faith in God and in ET with the new President.

We will not however agree that the parties of Democrat and Republican are the only two and we as the Alien ET UFO Community in America and the world will fight for peace on the planet and desire our freedom of spirit to choose to be an Independent Party with our own Independent Vote to be cast as a free vote from our own free spirit with our freedom of speech with a free right to vote for democracy and the greater good.

TJ Morris ACIR is sharing the archivists as Authors, Creators, and Educators for the ACE FOLKLIFE that includes in the future ACE as also meaning Alien Civilizations Exist. ACO is for Alien Contact Organizations as well as Ascension Center Organization. TJ Morris is a member of Consumers Union.

ACO is also for American Culture Organizations who stand for the rights of all free minds, free spirits, freedom, and the Pledge of Allegiance and the right to have “IN GOD WE TRUST” in our written working world to fight against other species in space that will kill us simply because we have minerals needed and can become slaves to their desires if we are overpowered.


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