ET written and oral Traditions Alien ET UFO ORG 08/09 by TJMorrisETradio | Blog Talk Radio

ET written and oral Traditions Alien ET UFO ORG 08/09 by TJMorrisETradio | Blog Talk Radio

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 Some News that is Shared in Blogging with those who enjoy keeping up with the Alien ET, and the We actually share the Alien ET UFO community with people who walk their talk and talk as they walk their truth. We share what is our own opinions, views, and perceptions of how we share the world in cyberspace and in 3D reality.
We get to know our friends and they become a part of a team.
People send us information all the time to post on our blogs. For instance here is some information shared and archived in the Social Paranormal New Media Online in Cyberspace.
Bob Tidwell keeps fairly close contacts with other Air Force radar techs, and they are somewhat a specialized breed. He confided to me that although there is absolutely no doubt that Montauk AFS exists (or existed), that it was a radar station for the Air Force and that obviously it was staffed, neither he nor any of the numerous radar techs he has contact with know of or ever heard of anyone who was ever stationed at Montauk.
Here’s what Bob had to say. = “We did find out that when Montauk closed in 1969, and was reopened through TAC, that this was most unusual, and also suggests to us that the site was being used as a cover for something else. I did find out though that Montauk’s military connections after 1969 were being made through Hancock Field in New York. Hopefully this can be of use to you.”
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Information which strongly suggests that some most unusual things were going on at Montauk Air Force Station in the late 1950s and early 1960s comes from a fellow whose father was an Air Force Colonel and assistant base commander at Mitchell Air Force Base in central Long Island (he wishes to retain anonymity). Periodically, personnel from Montauk AFS would come to Mitchell for R&R. These fellows caused considerable consternation and distress to personnel at Mitchell due to the peculiar, bizarre, dissociative and generally loony behavior exhibited by just about all of them. Among other oddities, a number of the men became totally lost and disoriented, though they had not gone very far at all from the central base area.
 The group from Montauk was monitored closely and constantly by their commander. Something seemed seriously out of whack with the entire group and the Mitchell commander was asked by other Mitchell personnel to have the Montauk group leave before their R&R tour was over. This was in the very early 1960s, and the number of these kinds of occurrences prompted this colonel to conclude that something was indeed amiss at Montauk AFS, and to drive out to Montauk a number of times with his son in the interest of attempting to find out what was going on at the Camp Hero location.
Even though the phase of the Phoenix Project–now known as the Montauk Project–had not yet “officially” gotten underway, let’s not forget that Camp Hero has had a reputation of being a “psych” base pretty much throughout its entire existence, shortly after the land was legally stolen from its Montauk Indian owners around 1910. In other words it has always been a center for experimental, psychologically oriented or based (i.e. intelligence) government projects. Nichols indicated that there were some indications that even before the Montauk project commenced there were ties between Brookhaven Labs with its considerable (ex)-Nazi scientist contingent, and the Montauk Point base on a major earth grid power point, with its connections to the preexisting underground and a significant, well-established pro-German (Nazi/Aryan) community in the Montauk area.
 On top of this, there is some very strong evidence that Montauk (Camp Hero) was the site of some weirdness with psychedelic drugs in the mid-60s. As Peter Moon noted, there is almost certainly a link to Timothy Leary and Richard Albert of Harvard during this period of time at Montauk Air Force Station. A base building which had a number of rooms painted in full on psychedelic style circa 1967-68 were found and videotaped by Preston Nichols with a video crew at Montauk Air Force Station.
A Mrs. Sneed of Sag Harbor visited Montauk AFS in 1980 and related to me her experience there. She was with a friend and on legitimate business for her husband, a retired military man. The trip was pursuant to certain consumer goods and other items being made available to veterans at a major discount and obtainable at the PX of any nearby military base. Mrs. Sneed had with her the letters/documents of authorization. Montauk AFS was the closest base to them so that’s where they went. (Let’s not forget however that Montauk Air Force Station was officially decommissioned and closed 11 years prior to this; of course the reality was that it was NOT closed and naturally many people in the area knew this obvious fact).
Strangely (or not!), they were treated with extreme brusqueness, suspicion and rudeness, first by guards at the entrance to the base, then by other base personnel and officers called to the scene by the guards, all of whom attempted in every possible way to deter the women from entering the property, despite being shown the official authorization numerous times.
Mrs. Sneed refused to back down, having made up her mind not to have undertaken the 50+ mile round trip for nothing; and seeing no good reason why the desired items should not be made available according to the terms of the authorizing document she presented.
Finally the women were admitted and escorted directly to the PX with vehicles directly in front and in back of their car. They were not allowed to stop or slow down. Although the base itself did seem to be unusually quiet on the “surface”, judging solely by the reception they’d received there was obviously something rather “important” and secretive going on there?
Mrs. Sneed stated that there were air vent stacks protruding from the ground all over the place. She told me she felt very strongly at the time that substantial underground activity was taking place at the Montauk base and in fact commented on this to her friend. Mrs. Sneed stated that though she and her friend couldn’t possibly be any threat in any imaginable way to anything (legitimate at least) that was going on there, they had people standing right next to them when they went into the PX, and were escorted right back to their cars and right off the base. According to Mrs. Sneed, everyone they encountered was acting very strangely, downright creepy…
The readers’ interest and intelligence, as evidenced by their willingness to look beyond the nearly worthless disinformation slop and tripe doled out by the major news and information media on almost every subject of any importance whatsoever is greatly appreciated. At this point in time the owners and operators of the major news organizations, to a very large degree, are thoroughly connected to the “powers that be” behind the scenes of our society; they are part of the overarching “mind-controlling” structure now in place and many of the employees of such organizations are themselves “mind controlled” for the most part and avoid or ignore stories and information which wouldn’t further the aims of the “controllers;” employees controlled in their thinking through the threat of job/income loss if nothing else. The mass media corporations support and further the aims and practices of our covert government–disseminating disinformation which aids the cover-ups of some of the most grievous wrongs committed against us by our (secret) government.
By controlling the general information which is in fact made public, the plan to (further) manipulate the consciousness and awareness of humanity is already in progress–in fact well under way.
The real story is definitely not on CBS or anywhere else like that!
It has crossed my mind more than few times lately that with the astonishing array of mind-, mood-, thought-, body-, and environment- (as in HAARP) -altering technologies at the disposal of the covert government and its New World Order/Big Brother/1984 objectives, it would be extremely easy, and undoubtedly quite tempting for these “devotees of evil” to attempt to manipulate much of the world’s population, in accordance with the “religious” beliefs of a good percentage of humanity, into believing that the entire life supporting framework on Earth is crumbling, (which to some extent it may well be due to rapacious and devastating environmental policies and agendas set by the covert government), and/or that we are under attack from some thoroughly evil, possibly cannibalistic aliens hell-bent on enslaving, raping, pillaging and in general destroying humanity and maybe our planet as well. (Funny how that’s exactly what the covert government is doing!!)
There are innumerable adherents worldwide to the plethora of “apocalyptic” false religions fostered and propagated by the malignant secret, cultic “brotherhoods” underlying so much of the world’s power genuine structure. Among these false religions I would include at least the institutionalized and popularized versions of most of the world’s primary organized religions. The concepts, precepts and beliefs instilled in the followers of these religions create within them fertile ground for both general social control, more overt forms of manipulation and blind obedience to “authority”, in addition to creating a fundamental psychological framework or mindset within great numbers of human beings which greatly increases their susceptibility to the more brutal, intensive and destructive types of advanced mind control programming we find being implemented in such projects as MK-ULTRA, Phoenix, and of course Montauk.
What’s further distressing is that even a social “movement” such as what’s known as the “New Age” philosophy, which has some undeniably positive aspects including a sensitivity and openness to the fundamental connection within each of us to all life and to higher realms of understanding, wisdom and awareness, as well as an enhanced sense of respect for and desire to coexist with all facets of nature on this planet, can be “infiltrated”, subverted and manipulated by the some of the many tentacles of the beast that is the worldwide covert control system or government.
I believe that more than a few fundamental “New Age” tenets and theories such as an impending pole shift, dimensional shift, or other galactic or planetary realignments of a potentially massive, even catastrophic nature, including the “end of time” scenario as per the Mayan Calendar and other schools of esoteric knowledge, could be getting played upon through the implementation of some very subversive social manipulation by some very devious people and agencies, using any and all available means of influencing and shaping human consciousness–including certain highly advanced technologies like those EM/RF systems perfected in the Montauk Project, and now HAARP.
It would be pretty easy to make it seem like the poles, magnetic fields and everything else are shifting if the ionosphere is being whipped into a veritable frenzy with HAARP’s EM/RF transmissions which deeply impact weather, mind, seismic activity, and just about everything else! And HAARP is just one of the ways in which various aspects of our reality” can be manipulated and our perceptions thus “controlled”.
Byron Weeks has put it as well as I ever could, and I reprint below some of his thoughts on this topic.
“With what we know of electronic warfare I am sure that it has occurred too many of you that we have the potential for one heck of a millennial celebration!
“We have harnessed the Tesla Effect and are able to roil the magma at the core of the earth enough to create tectonic plate disruption sufficient to produce earthquakes and volcanoes. The HAARP Project has demonstrated the ability to control weather, produce giant storms, cause severe droughts, and quite probably the phenomenon known as “El Nino”. High wattage microwaves are capable of melting rocks and leveling small mountains. ELF waves are versatile and have been used successfully in mind control, with a typical reaction of the hallucinated appearance of Alien beings. Holographic projections can show realistic movies against the sky, and could entertain us with a fake Second Coming of Christ, angels in the sky, trumpets, and celestial music. Biological warfare could give a good imitation of the punitive plagues of the last days…
“Do you suppose any of the above might cause chaos and rioting that would necessitate calling in United Nations troops to keep order? If that wasn’t dramatic enough, our government, which has buddied up to Russia in a continued war against the drugged-up and dumbed-down people of “America”. Along with the anticipation of Global Governance, the NWO probably has more up its sleeve, such as planned economic collapse, and civil insurrection engendered by the collapse of welfare payments, and involving rabid minorities armed with Chinese weapons and whipped into a finely tuned state of paranoia through the application of ELF waves.
“It has always been a little troubling to me to consider that a loving Eternal Father in Heaven would bring the dreadful punishment of an Apocalypse down upon a sinful world. Could it not be that what the prophets have always told us may have come from God’s foreknowledge of Mankind’s tendency to self-destruction? Perhaps He thinks it wiser to let us decimate ourselves, since the human experiment has not turned out very well, anyway. But we can be very proud that our technology has advanced to the point at which we can self-annihilate in a very short time whenever the fancy strikes us. Imagine! Our very own Apocalypse! I guess we can show those aliens a thing or two!”
Actually  freewill allows for our infinite creator to allow us to choose to believe in a good life or bad one based on our own ways in life. We will always have Mother Nature making adjustments. It is up to us to be prepared and to become aware of where the safest places to exist may be and to relocate our children there if need be.
We come here knowing that we will learn more about love and how to learn about emotions and those thinking things we are left with called memories we will make while we are here.

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