By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

This is the “Great Awakening!”

 “Consider the Xenoverse – Regarding One World Government I bring you news that Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy will become one Galaxy in the future.

Prior to this time, we have dimensions and places to discover in this world and others. We can make the future possible with knowing more of the future in space.”

We have news that there will be global infrastructure of space involvement.

We must first overcome our fear of global community enlightenment among those who are not familiar with interfaith.

Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise, or the services and facilities. 2.The basic, underlying framework or features of a system or organization. 2. the fundamental facilities and systems serving a country, city, or area.


This world must learn to accept all that are members on this planet. We are all one species. We have others who are also of humanoid species in space. There are many more in our space time continuum to learn about. We will become ambassadors of goodwill toward humanity on earth and on other planets willingly.
– Baha’I Faithers – Interfaith Future of Global Community You have brought up a wonderful topic. I am glad you did! Thank you. Our future is in space. The control of the air space above earth is now more important than the control on land.

This is the final chapter of our future. We must learn to control our communication and become diplomats with esprit de corps in space. This news is not news to some but will come as a Thief in the Night to many who will not understand the rule of earth from Space. We are here to assist in the future of abundance and health for all. It is time to share the infinity squared and knowledge unknown in the Xenoverse to combine our futures.

1 6 3 3 =13 the power.

This is the “Great Awakening!”

This is the final chapter of our future. We must learn to control our communication and become diplomats with esprit de corps in space. I know how you feel regarding whether one world government would be good or bad so count me in as a researcher for what is best or for the greater good.

My main life goal as a Social Entrepreneur Ambassador of Goodwill deals with Intergovernmental Relations and Global Culture. We are all about to feel the change and the “MAIN SQUEEZE – 2011” is upon us. We are all feeling how small the world has become with the Internet.

Those who control Cyberspace control the world from SPACE! The future “EARTH GLOBAL GOVERNMENT” will be an “ALLIANCE IN SPACE!” Think about it. The security of our world deals with all the “SPACE SATELLITES” that can shoot and defend countries from space. We do not need only the “MILITARY INTEL” from the “MAIN FRONT”. The world of wars of the past military gains was from the FRONT on earth in the past.

This is no longer the case. We are now in control from the space levels! This means that we are now able to not only use “SPY SATELLITES” and “Global Positioning Systems (GPS) but we can control “NUCLEAR LASER BOMBS” from space. This is why the scramble for the “SUPER POWERS” between those of the old regime “USA-UK” vs. “ASIAN”/ There are those such as IRAN, IRAQ, North Korea that have battled for positions on earth and now in space. CHINA has the next GLOBAL POSITIONING SATELLITES in space and they are jockeying for position now that they have their products and services in place.

It is not like AMERICA or the NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT did not see this coming! We are now under the control of the five (5) Continent World. We are now looked at from space as all those who are controlled from above.

This is part of something much bigger than knowing the Internet from CYBERSPACE. We have come too far for all those of the old “MUSLIM ALLAH” control one earth. We must let the common folk once known as the peasants, serfs, poor, lower classes who have populated the world to know they have purpose while here. We cannot control them with only the “BEER” for “LABOR” fraud anymore.

This worked for only a short while in the 9000 B.C. time and we got some assistance with the pyramids in EGYPT! If we do not allow those who are in the educational process to become more open minded to the ways of the entire world via the INTERNET CONNECTION in CYBERSPACE, we can figure on a long “30 YEAR WAR”. This is not good.

The 30 year will wipe out our young men once again. We need them all this time to become educated scientist in math and quantum algorithms of the old Muhammad but with the new Ascension Center Enlightenment of the Future in the Omniverse in Space. We are all learning that the universe is only one on branes in space. We must utilize our young men in space and all continents.

Now, Education will take on a new energy that must be availed.

We must all fight for peace and unity and where this takes us may very well be into the new world government. The Bilderbergs was once simply people who meet to share the “THINK TANK”. They met in the place for a reason. This control does exist but not as a conspiracy theory for real. It is not being paranoid. We have many such groups that desire to control the world through corporate entities. We must look at the intelligence scholars behind the meeting.

It was always the way of those in positions of power to meet and discuss the future for all.   However, the International Banking System is only one part. The corporations and the old money regime for control is now dealing with technology in space. The future of communication technology and the future in stock markets are viral. The future of prescription drugs for the future is also viral.

For where I put my future is in education and sustainability. I am asked how to make the future better for all. People ask me “What can I do”. The names are not important but the energy is! We are all important and what we produce in energy is now more important than ever. The way we progress together in our groups for our own survival and enlightenment is important. The Baha’I Faith you mention has found a way to rely on corporations and the way to vote and become a part of the future.

Regarding One World Government – Baha’I Faithers – Interfaith Future of Global Community You have brought up a wonderful topic. I am glad you did! Thank you.  Our future is in space. The control of the air space above earth is now more important than the control on land. How to survive with all religions is a part of their approach.

I too have looked into their structure. The structure is good however, I do not believe in all that their scriptures of one man give them. He came from a material world and wanted to change all of that into the spiritual world. The faith of the Baha’I is still on the same supremacy of unto God we will return. It is a GOD faith. I believe that women are equal to men in soul and spirit.

We come from a Supreme Entity of both God and Goddess. I am just now getting into the structuring of the Baha’I with both male and female entities and how they plan to control the future when it all remains in who has the power in space.

We know that those above who control the extraterrestrial spacecraft as UFOS and USOS are watching all through our own satellite equipment in space. We have access to all so they do too!

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that they are more intelligent and can remain hidden as long as they so desire.

The part that we are now contending with is how much will they share of themselves with us in the future and will they finally land on the White House lawn in 2012?The future of our world lies with the date of who takes office for the Supreme Power of the world as President for 2013! There is either your SAVIOR or your ANTI-CHRIST!

Now having said that, this will decide who controls the future in space and where the SUPER POWERS will control the world.

We are all about being in communication and making sure that we all have more than the basics as food, water, clothing, shelter, transportation, and money in the bank for travel and tourism.

All of this now is connected to our future gadgets and how we will all share our abundance as health and prosperity for all! Right now, we have to create infrastructure and reshape the future with each global tectonic plate. We have to be intelligent and learn for ourselves that the past has a lot to do with the global future of Pangaea. The past created the future here on earth! We have to look at where we have been in the past and how the world will be shaped based on the Continental Divides.

This is what we call the “Great Awakening” in spirit in the relation to global interfaith of religions. All religions are about cultures in the future! It is just like a movie from Star Trek. We are going to all be able to travel on the future “STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE!” This was part of the future nine (9) controls. We all know about the control of the NINE and that all power struggles come from this NATURE PSYCHE of the HUMANOID beings. Be they on earth, in space, or traveling from one place to the other in the future makes no difference. It is apparent we have come to far to turn back now. This is our future!

We are destined for space.

 We will learn how to profit here on earth and in space. The future on the moon and the future on Mars are two points we not aim for. Therefore, it is only natural for all nation states to want to be a part of the future in space. They want to know that we shall create those on earth who will sustain life on earth while those in space control the future!

Therefore, we should not fear change but embrace is as social entrepreneurs all over the world. We shall move forward with shaping our energy as synergy to assist all on earth maintain their basics of food, water, clothing, and shelter through what we create as the next future United Nations Force and one in CYBER SPACE! We are all meeting to discuss the control of air and space communications with an agreement of some control by all countries based on their continental location. Geography now comes into play not only by the five main continents but also by the continental shifts based on the location of the Continental divides of the tectonic plates.

On earth as it is in heave so to speak means that what we can see from the images of earth declassified as our maps from satellites. We now know where we must concentrate our energies and moving people away from the earthquake and volcanic zones. We must control the areas of population control based on moving them from the ignorant places we allowed people to form cities.

We now know that we must take to the continent levels where tsunamis and Super Tsunamis will not destroy islands. We are aware that the future will depend a lot on satellite images of our fight for space for global crops versus control of those we grow in space. The future SUPER POWERS are those that will be controlled from SPACE!

Therefore, look for your ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT from the future alliance for a place in SPACE! One will always take to space while the other goes deep underground for control. This is the way we did it in the past and the same way we will keep our species from being destroyed in the future. It is always about survival of the species and this means the survival of the fittest. We now have the 7 billion mark we are approaching. Nature will take care of those who do not listen to the changes one earth.

We can now track these cataclysms from space. Those countries that do not join us with our Internet Cyberspace Information Control will lose our allegiance. Therefore, all countries must learn to share in the future of the Tectonic Plate Energies that are controlled by Earth. Those above control Earth! Those who do not believe in those above as the Extraterrestrial Controls whom we have called “THE FORCE” and “God” in the past will soon learn that we can control our satellites and predictions to some extent but,

We cannot control:” Mother Nature”.

 One might as why not in the future? – It will come when one day we shall learn but for now, we must learn to control space around each other as one space species. We learn to become at peace with each other and learn to survive being full of good nature, health, and abundance for all, then we pass on into the next level after this one and take with us as memories what we have learned here. Those who know about the higher realms that deal with energy in space have the better paths to follow in the future in space.  We will all learn about areas of space we call dimensions and other layers of abundance in the metaverse, the xenoverse, and the Omniverse.

We should all learn to maintain our own order in structuring the chaos in our own energy  In addition, learning to share the peace and order for all in the future. It is about not only control factors but also knowledge factors.  We create trust for our own spiritual selves first.

Then we learn to work together and learn sustainability for all that are in our group or species. Then we learn to terra form other planets and create beings.  We then to become as those in the Omniverse who can maintain order in the universal chaos we now call space. Space-time is another adventure we learn of where we are in relation to the point of origin for each of our own soul connections.

The soul groups may be a part of the future. For now, we must learn to keep order and to be democratic and allow for voting in our chosen leaders according to the variety of energy that will lead us into the future!

The future is in space.

The Internet Connection to the World Wide Web is one of the most important commodities next to the basics of food, water, clothing, shelter, transportation, now comes communication.  Our jobs will all revolve around the clean sustainability for all creatures on this planet! Love and Light. TJ Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, Author/Entrepreneur consultant, trainer in mystical experiences that include Extraterrestrials, & Ancient Civilizations.  Original Story on UFO Digest World Government: Good or Bad Thing
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April 29, 1958 -June 25, 2009



The Michael Jackson Story Update
By: Theresa J. Morris
There are many stories that I have enjoyed in my life. There is a part of me that grew up in the music industry. I began television at the age of 3 old enough for dance lessons. I grew to like a young boy who I saw for the first time in his pink panama hat who was little Michael Jackson.
I always liked the Jackson Five. I loved Michael Jackson and have danced many nights choreographed in clubs in Houston on stage to Mitchael’s‘ music.
I never thought that Michael would die before me. I have lost two brothers now and this is almost as detrimental to my spirit as my true blood brothers.
I have been reporting on this story since I heard the news on June 25, 2009 at the time that Michael was on his way to the UCLA Medical Center on my websites and blogs.
I just thought I would update this one.
The latest news now and this should follow the other information that I have posted in other places, is that Michael Jackson’s Estate will be for his three children, Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Michael Jackson, and Prince Michael Jackson II, all who are presently going to go with their grandmother who they know best. Catherine Jackson who is married to Joe Jackson.
Michael Jackson had been in Las Vegas, Nevada prior to moving back to Bellaire, California with his three children, their Nanny, and accompanying him the night he died was doctor Cameron C. Murray, a Cardiologist.
Michael Jackson was 5’10 inches and weighed only approximately 120 pounds with clothes on.
Michael Jackson was getting ready to make a come back in the public when he had what appeared to be a cardiac arrest although an autopsy was performed and today this Sunday morning at 6:20 AM central we were made aware that the 2nd autopsy was performed at the request of Michael Jackson ‘s family.
We are told that Janet Jackson is taking care of the estate at the present time while there were moving vans at the Bellaire rented mansion to pick up the three children’s belongings and we believe they are being taken back to the Jackson Family Home.
Deborah Jeanne Rowe the biological mother who gave up all parental rights now appears not to have any concern over asking for return of the children.
Deborah is taking care of horses and it has allegedly been reported that she will continue her life without the children but may increase visitation rights but that the children will go to their grandparents as they have requested.
Michael Jackson had trouble with his back and also had trouble with his stomach not allowing him to eat certain things.
We are all missing Michael and want what is best for his family.
We also realize that because Michael is so loved by so many people that the Bloggers such as myself and the world will want answers.
We are the public who all knew and loved Michael in various ways. Some more than others.
Some knew him as a singer, dancer, entertainer, through Michael desiring to live a “Peter Pan” life right down to the looks and the Peter Pan nose.
Others only know of him through the media and the law suits that came up for monetary gain and all his friends knew he loved children but never saw him as anything other than a kind and loving person who wanted to celebrate childhood with his own Neverland taken out of Fantasy land fairy tale living arrangements that Michael himself created.
Michael was known as a giving kind and loving person who has given away more money than most people around the world have ever thought about creating.
The record has it that he gave away t charities over $300 million dollars, although now the estate is said to owe some millions out but, that Michael Jackson’s Estate is making more now due to all the memorabilia and albums flying off the shelves as fast as people can purchase or bid on them on Ebay and 10 times the original asking price is said not to be unreasonable although some are only thirding up the price or marking up 7 times the original price to keep prices down.
The supply and demand is what will effect the pricing in the Global Market for all that presently exist by copyright date that was created before his death.
The Michael Jackson Memorabilia will be available but will not be as valued as that which was purchased while Michael was still alive or at least copyrighted the date up to June 25, 2009 the date of his death.
All items after that date will be considered second vintage date collection. The first preferred date will be prior to the date of death declared as June 25, 2009 at 2:56 PM California or Pacific Time in the United States.
The insurance companies who are concerned about the millions of dollars of tickets sold will have to return the money to the ticket owners or some may prefer to keep the ticket as a souvenir based on the purchase date of the last concert and the ticket can prove that they were bonafide fans in the Global Community. I didn’t have a ticket but if I did I would choose to keep it and frame it with an album photo of Michael or a collection to put in my music room.
It has been mentioned on CNN that the Jackson Family realizes how the world is missing Michael and are not sure how to prepare for the large memorial service that will be expected
It was mentioned that they may have world tributes and there may have to be Michael’s promoters/managers who can arrange for the Michael Jackson Tributes AROUND THE WORLD TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL as A TOUR FOR THE FAMILY MEMBERS to SHARE WITH THE WORLD.
This is undecided and will be discussed after the children are taken care of and settled into the grandparent’s home.
The creditors who are owed money are the sad part of this story but, it is a real part of anyone’s life when their essence has left this physical level of being.
People as me about life after death, and I always tell them that I chose to come back but it is as simple as leaving out the crown or head chakra and seeing one’s own body left behind and then we travel on a white lighted escalator at an ascension slow speed that when we reach the dark space outside the earth’s atmosphere we speed up and we are headed to the next galaxy or mansion of our Father’s creation in Heaven. There are many ways to discuss where Michael is now but the ESSENCE OF MICHAEL is in a better place than we are here on earth.
We take our memories with us. It is my job on earth to share what I can with those who will need to understand that we are to stay here as long as we can to learn, explore,and gain our memories of creation and Michael certainly has some good and great memories of creation.
Michael will be appreciated in all lives but specially in this one for the 50 years that he gave humankind as an ascension sentient intelligent being.
Michael was a chosen spirit with the energy that was special and was allowed to share himself with the whole world.
There were many lessons that Michael was chosen to teach us all while he was here. He was truly one of God’s chosen Angels of goodness and charity.
There are many faiths and religions in the world that are here for others to share.
The true religion of ascension of essence that I share knows no religion on earth.
The truth that I learned about the body-mind-spirit is that we are only here a short time.
We are all truly ESSENCE and our energy will carry us to another place and another time.
Those who desire to know Michael in the next life surely will see him again.
There will be a long process of healing and recovery for the world who had accepted Michael Jackson as the King of POP.
Michael Jackson will be part of the world history as the King of Pop like his father-in-law Elvis Presley, the King of Rock-N-Roll.
We all should keep the Michael Jackson Family including his children, brothers, sisters, parent, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Friends who knew Michael’s inner circle in our prayers.
When we remember the Jackson Family and we will along with all the good things that Michael Jackson created for us on earth, we should be kind remembering not just the singer, the dancer, the entertainer. but the charitable being who brought us along with others the song
“WE ARE THE WORLD”. If we take the time to listen to Michael’s angelic voice in that song, we can here the sensitive vibrational sounds that were sent as a cry and a plea to the entire world and all the ascension sentient intelligent beings in it. We are the children. We are the one’s who make the world a better place for you and for me.
I know that I have a spiritual twist but then I follow the laws of ascension.
Being a spiritual person I know that Michael Jackson was spiritual inside and out. He had a special life that was shared when he had the energy to share with others.
Toward the last, he may have been assisted with pain management because of the pain from his back. I too have had problems with my back and I know it can send pain through the entire sympathetic nervous system that is very painful and it seems as if it will never stop.
This is something that I hope we someday can cure. But, unless one is going through this pain others should not condemn another for doing what one can in hopes to make life better.
I truly believe that Michael’s death was natural cardiac arrest although he was given pain medications for his chronic back pain and other health matters that he did not openly want others to know about because of his career path chosen and he was wanting to take care of his children.
There will be medications found in his system. This does not mean he was a bad person but only that he was trying to make himself have better coping skills. Michael was a perfectionist in everything he did. Michael wanted to feel normal and natural and became conditioned to the medicattions that others who were trusted licensed physicans gave him.
This will be something that may change others lives in the future who will follow.
Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presely, Anna Nicole Smith and others have been down this same path.


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