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We take inspiration from the great discoveries of human history that have been sourced from insight and intuition and that have harnessed reason and logic for their outer expression.

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In this process, our vision is to help birth a new worldview that recognizes our basic interconnectedness and interdependence and promotes the flourishing of life in all its magnificent forms.
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"TAKEN UP",,,,,

We all have a story to tell and I guess “TAKEN UP” is mine. We all have many myths, legends, and what we are told are history that we learn about while we are growing up on earth. My story will be coming in articles for Dirk Vander Ploeg who is the founding author of UFO Digest.

We all begin the same way if we are humanoid sentient intelligent beings that are. We all are born, we live, and we die. This is the way of all of us who are born with a body, mind, and spirit. Some of us think differently than those around us. Just because we are born on, a continent to believe in the local traditions and cultures does not make us feel normal and fit in no matter how hard we may try.

I have shared some of my thoughts, views, opinions, and stories in the past as articles on a website called UFO, which was created by a Canadian born humanoid male, named Dirk Vander Ploeg. I know his name is also Peter, which is a name I dearly love. Names are ways we identify ourselves in life and it is usually our biological parents who name us on the planet we call earth and home. Home is said to be where the heart is or so the old saying goes. Well my heart has always been in two places. This is because part of me never felt like I was born here or belonged only here on this planet.

Oh, I am humanoid enough and even a sentient intelligent being but part of me that lives inside of me has always felt like it was more than just the part of me born on earth. I have various parts of me and I never thought of them as separate growing up because I had nothing to identify these separate parts of me inside my own mind. That is until I began going to church and understanding more about people who come to earth and leave like the man I was taught in Sunday school and Church about. Now I believe the man is called an Ascended Master.

Where I was born is in the south of the United States of America. I was born a southerner of two great southern hardworking families, namely the paternal side name is the Thurmond has and on the maternal side are the Richman’s. I learned early in life that having two sides of one family as normal although in some families there will be one more dominating than the other or so it seems to a child. I was lucky to have two sides and to have two sets of grandparents who loved me being the first grandchild very much. I was supposed to be the first grandson but something inside of me I guess wanted to be a girl. I am not sure what part of me that was but it must be a very old part of me that dealt with what I now call past lives because I have always identified myself with wanting to be a boy in this lifetime. Do not get me wrong though, I loved being a girl and I was a cheerleader in grammar school and a majorette in band in high school. However, I also played basketball and softball on the girl’s teams. I was athletic and when I met puberty, head on, I was very lucky to have good genes with a tall and slender hourglass figure that I soon learned allowed me advantages in this world. The whole doing what came naturally due to traditional values I the southern United States was just life whether in a small rural town like the one I was born in and went to school up until the last half of the ninth grade or the larger big suburban city of Houston, Texas where we moved when I was thirteen that year.

I guess this is where Dirk wanted me to begin my story for our readers on UFO Digest. I first had written to Dirk in August 2007 explaining my first published story dealing with my story I was going to share in this lifetime, which I believed to be dealing with the extraterrestrials. I had been visited as a child and on several occasions when I nearly died, I learned that the angels I was seeing most likely were the same people from above who I thought to be extraterrestrials who could visit in and out of walls like angels or spirit beings.

I later learned that the extraterrestrials could also take on human form just like the spirit angels that worked for God in the Bible stories when I was a child. This made me wonder even more about whether all beings that were coming and going in my life were all of the same level of existence or if there were different levels and I wondered where they actually came from.

This made me wonder even more about life that we were told was the every day hum drum type of existence that made me go to school, and eat my vegetables I didn’t like, and to go places with my family instead of playing outdoors when I wanted to stay home. A part of me was spirit I knew that wanted to be free and not have to do things I did not want too!

When I was a child, I thought that someday when I was an adult I would never do anything I did not want too. I figured I would have all the answers in life and I would be able to explain who God was and where all the various levels of these extraterrestrials and angels were at all times. That was what I thought as a child and even as a young adult. I figured by the time I reached the old age of my parents that I would know everything there is to know about life on earth and in what we called heaven.

I went to college and learned some psychology so I would be better prepared to be a parent and to understand more about people on earth. I took psychology 101 and child psychology and have many books on psychology to this day. I learned a lot about people and I paid a lot of money through the years as an adult to seminars and life training courses, and how to clear out the old negative ways of thinking about anything that held one back from increasing one’s own desires and passions about life. I learned how to become a public speaker with Earth Nightingale courses in Birmingham, Alabama, and I took Arthur Murray dance classes to learn to dance and had dance classes all my life of various types so I had a positive way of thinking and moving in this life.

I felt I had command of my body, mind, and spirit. I even learned how to read people as an Investigator in life and worked for rich attorneys to make a living and to raise my children. I then wanted to know more about how the world worked so I traveled and then joined the U.S. Navy even thought I had been what was called a rehire with the government as a contractor. I did not put all the pieces together with my life until much later in life. I tried to do all the right things and punch the right tickets although I had gotten married at age sixteen and had four daughters by the time I had just turned twenty-two years as a young married woman. My husband had worked at NASA and this was a great way to bring up four daughters during the Apollo Missions into space. The world seemed too modern and I was expecting my second child in 1969 when man first walked on the moon. I thought I was going to figure out life and that my life would be different than it really is now. Life goes for many of us that way. We think when we are young that life will be the way we plan it on earth. Well, I am not ashamed of how my life turned out but I did have a few unsuspected surprises along the way and I admit that not all four of my daughters were planned but they are the best thing that ever happened to me and now I have twelve grandchildren all still alive to day.

I have attempted to tell this story on many occasions over the years and have several attempts on the UFO with various ways to share my story and personality. Whether any of them are the way I should go at this time, I do not know. I make lemons out of lemonade sometimes although it seems life is supposed to be when given lemons make lemonade. I always seem to be on the opposite end of what makes sense in life.
So, if you have known me in the past as a reader of my stories on UFO then more power to you. If you have not and want to go back and read what I have written as my own life experiences, and thoughts then I also send more power to you. It takes energy as our power to find the time we want to spend getting to know others and especially through life of writers.

I am what am now called a paranormal writer meaning I do not write about the normal things in life. I choose to write about the things that are not so normal like extraterrestrials and my UFO contact experiences for two things. Many people have wanted to join me on Facebook because they have read something I have written or became friends with someone else who have told them about my writing and contactee experiences. I am an advocate of the ET UFO/USO Community. Some call it Alien ET UFO Community. Some are more spiritual about their thoughts and are into the New Age Community…

I tend to write about metaphysics, world religions, and the paranormal as it relates to my prior experiences and me on earth that deal with my own personal paranormal views of life in general. We tend to learn about each other these days on the Internet in what we call the Web or the Matrix. The most popular place to find each other these days is in a very well known social network called Facebook. The one that we also use to speak of when I went to college late in life was My Space. It is still a place for many who like to chat and share information. Then there are the places that are developed for businesses such as Linked In.

I of course try to stay up to date with what my friends all share with me and I use to stay up on the latest and greatest scientific gadgets. Now there are so many coming our with so many newly created applications that it is hard to know from one day to the next what is the latest and greatest news in this world as to where the general populace is gravitating towards. Now we call the general wave of thought in the Internet on the Web as what is trending. The old way that we use to believe NEWS on TV is not the way we believe now. Now the people are all becoming the NEWS LIVE as BLOGGERS!

We are all becoming the one world information network which I call WIN. That is the way I was inspired to think way before we had the Internet and that is a whole story in my past that brought me to know about how to respect that which flows in us all as synergy. It was this synergy I learned about by paying money in large amounts that I did not have at the time but somehow created it or was blessed with and learned to create the future with my thoughts. I learned about how our minds work and that being positive and making things happens for us was what we are here to do. Being creators of the world here and the future was a major part of the general critical mass population of business leaders in America. Of course, I was in Hawaii at the time, which was considered the heart of Lemuria, and spiritual people of the Aloha spirit surrounded me. The Hawaiian Islands were my home for over seven years before I returned to what they call the mainland of North America. I had my two youngest teenage daughters join me there while the older two had their own plans in Florida as they were over 18 by 1990, Angela was twenty-two and married and Lauren was twenty and soon to be married. My four daughters are all beautiful loving girls who were models at one time or another as was I when I was young. Then we all became mothers. That was the natural path for young girls in the last century that were tall, and pretty. However, looks were not enough for me and I wanted more than to be a mother I always wanted a career. I was always a working mother, wanted to be an investigator, and became one. I worked for two famous doctors names Dr. John Hill, and Dr. Grady Hallman and was apartment manager at Jandor Garden Apartments. That landed me a job for a famous rich attorney in property management at Diamond Duplex Apartments and later Telephone Road Apartments before I went back to college and then got my paralegal certificate and my Private Investigators license. I then worked for attorneys in Rochester New York at Cucci, Welch, Collichio, and Welch before returning to Houston, Texas, where I worked for Newton B. Schwartz, Benton Musslewhite and John O’Quinn on Agent Orange and PCB cases mainly. I went to court on several cases for personal injury and learned the importance of building good evidence and findings of fact for the depositions before trial.

I had a great time before I finally was actively recruited into the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Navy after taking many tests at the courthouse. I had been out of country and traveled around seeing Africa and United Kingdom. I had checked into the embassies and Scotland Yard and was shown around to various ways of doing the international investigations. I specialized in arson, fraud, and subrogation, which worked well with those in the world of discovery in the international commerce and free trade zones. I then opened my own company, which turned into a corporation with all types of trade shows to attend. After 1990-1994, I returned to the mainland to become a commercial truck driver and learn how to be a paid tourist coast to coast. The money was great and I learned a lot about how the larger corporations worked in the United States. I carried many computers worth millions of dollars and carried money for the U.S. Treasury. We had some great loads and I am glad I did this when I did from 1995-2002 for another seven years. I tend to change energy every seven years. I was married once again to Thomas R. Morris who was prior military in the U.S. Army and worked mainly in the European Theater. He and I served around 1980-1993 and both began truck driving in 1994. We shared lives as truck drivers for five years seeing each other constantly until we were married March 2000 in Ohio County, Kentucky where all his relatives lived including his 108-year-old grandfather. I began writing for the weekly newspaper in March 2002 and kept a weekly column up through 2005. Then I began my own magazine and website as American News Magazine, which I kept up since. It has been a wonderful life.

I began sharing my life with others in the ET UFO community officially on UFO Digest, August 2007. It will soon be four (4) years in August next month of 2011 and I have shared my ideas and points of view in my weekly articles. I have tried to keep up websites but now with Facebook, there are people who can read notes on our Facebook page and we can start pages for our special interest groups along with personal blogs that do not cost us at all on blogger. I am seriously thinking about just writing now for others and giving up my own websites since I am also editing books for others. I began editing books in 2000 about the time I began writing for the local weekly newspaper. I seemed to be doing more about 2002 until I was spending what seemed all my time on computers editing stories for others. It was not until about 2008 or 2009 when Dirk and I spoke on the phone landline and talked about the story Taken that Steven Spielberg had made for television. It was a great movie and series, which left many of us wanting more, and we had a new wave of writers in the ET UFO Community. We all seemed to know of each other through UFO Magazine, UFO Digest, or UFO Casebook and now there were new websites cropping up almost daily or so it seemed. We had the encouragement of the UFO stories on the History channel and since the Roswell UFO Museum and Research Library in Roswell, New Mexico as the MECCA, it just seemed natural for all of us to begin sharing our websites, news, blogs, and videos, on Utube. We had now realized the importance of the ET UFO Community and since FACEBOOK we have, all began knowing more of each other’s interests. We are more involved than ever before!

I have a story to tell that people have asked me to share time and time again about how I came to be contacted and how my extra sensory perception or ESP and Psychic Powers may be used in this day and age to promote the times on earth we call the Ascension Age of the time when our entire global population is to be sharing in the awakening and awareness of our spiritual rising of our inner thoughts of our various levels of being. Many variations on the same theme all revolve around a certain date as December 21, 2012. Several author friends of mine have written books and I shared about 10 on of which I have not really promoted because they are mostly my articles I have already shared in the past on UFO Digest and American Chronicle or on my own websites. I have Roswell Connection, Roswell UFO Encounters, UFOS & Extraterrestrials, Alien UFO Story by TJ, Avatar Oracle Xeno Guide, and Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond. I have sold about 40 without trying and will probably keep working on the book called “TAKEN UP” while I am still living out the life that I have now. However, for those who desire to keep up with me, and my story, I will begin to share more of the details of all the various contact experiences I had and the sightings.

There are many and I am as intrigued by them as anyone else is I suppose. I claim no special powers other than those I suspect are God Given talents. I was raised in the Christian Church of which I was born a Baptist and Methodist and went to both. I was baptized and later reborn to know the Holy Spirit and that nothing comes from me but from another power, that is inside of me which is our creator. Those of us who believe we have a spirit that is attached to our soul are now called Spiritualists and some of us still choose to believe in the iconic Ascended Master named Jesus. We have many Ascended Masters and those who are like me that choose to use the talents of the Metaphysicians as Tarot Readers use the 44 Ascension Master Cards along with our 78 Rider Waite Tarot Deck Iconic figures from the 14th century.

There are many of us that believe in past lives and reincarnation and that we are old souls formed from that which is actually stardust and we are all star babies from one time or another. Then some of us believe we chose to be alive in Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis and have returned to help once again in the transition of this time and dispensation called the precession years. The reason we return as Avatar Ascended Masters as a Soul Group is to remind our spiritual children that some call extraterrestrial star seeds to not make the same mistake we did in our ancient history as forgetting where we all began as spirit from the creation process as part of the “ALL” and “IAM that has always been?”/ That is the mistake we are said to have made in the past and the world has been wiped clean of misguided spirits to return from time to time as reincarnated spirits trying to get our spiritual bliss right to return to a better life with our souls attached to the original creators with planets, galaxies, universes, in the multiverse, of the metaverse, and xenoverse to run in this Omniverse.

Those of us who are Avatar Ascended Masters are all well aware of the Matrix and the Web. We are aware of those that are said to be bionic and those who appear to be bionic but have no soul connection and therefore are considered spirits of their own kind and following with a difference set of goals and are not with us in the Supreme Being and High Council categories. They choose to remain outside of the council of twelve and have allegiance to that elsewhere and not in our alliance.

Some of these Ebens or beings of the humanoid kind have a different value system and hierarchy than we of the Supreme High Council. The one’s we choose to share in our universal order have callings and elections made sure based on our own belief system in the supernal belief in the creator that has always been both our God Mother and God Father of this particular Omniverse.

We have various ways to make sure and discern who of us are all working together in this world. Our ancient ancestors kept alive the spirit realm and world among their ancient cultures and some are good and some are better.

We believe in the spirit world as well as the scientific work and world. We learned from past experiences how much trouble our humanoid sentient intelligent being species can get into when we begin to believe only in our own selves and senses that are based on science alone and not of the holy spiritual aspects of the DNA sequencing of which we have not allowed our bionic humanoid Robotoids understand in other galaxies. Some will come in the future, which I have explained before who will seem as human as we are and will not have what we call a soul. They will be humanoid of course but the only way we will be able to tell is from our own power of extra sensory perception and the power to accept each other at the soul basis as what we now call our sixth sense and gut level of knowing!

This is why the age of KNOWING each other is so important! More later. Love and Light. TJ



By: Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris
There will be new rewards offered to those who in vest in our future in America. We have some concerns as always about our people in the trenches and the grass root Americans that make up this country.

American Culture International Relations is important to the entire global economy. The health care system is important to all but in order to sell the American Dream we must assure our own American People that we can still inspire others with our Entrepreneurs. It is the entrepreneurs that are working together in the Cloud Formations above in the Akashic Field of Importance and Inspiration.

We entrepreneurs are those who see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are the ones that philanthropists look at to become Angels in this lifetime. Yes, we have real angels in this reality and they are the beings that have high hopes and beliefs in making the world a better place to live and exist while we as lost souls learn to grow, explore, and share in our level of learning. We are here on earth to expand not only our own consciousness with learning the purpose of higher consciousness through synergism but making the world a better place to live environmentally and economically.

The motto or warrior yell for the next 100 days on earth and the next 100 days for God will be “Health and Prosperity for ALL”

People ask me what the extraterrestrials wish or bid adieu with as one leaves their presence in the celestial world while one is in stellar space and space time as a space traveler. Being that these beings are Supreme Beings in my eyes and are the Majestic Twelve that run the alliance for all the civilized galaxies in this universe the last words are always the same, “Health and Prosperity”.

The way that we should assist the entire global community is with health and prosperity as well. Whatever it takes to achieve this level of existence for the entire species should be the goal.

There are several things we can do with the whole world while we decide to do our part. Many beings are getting the spiritual calling to “Do Something”. They are not being told in their spirit exactly what to do. They are just getting the psychic telepathic spiritual message to do something.

People are emailing me and letting me know that they are getting this message and desire some guidance. I believe the message is clear but since so many people know that I am the Keeper of the Flame they are asking for more clarification in this reality from another spiritual being that has come and gone from this life with a connection to other levels of existence. To many who do not believe in psychic mediums we are also called Life Coaches, and to others in scientific terms we are called Remote Viewers who deal with science and technology and are considered visionaries for entrepreneurs.

The basics that I foresee that we need to address globally are how we deal with our freedom, choices we desire to make bit most of all, we need to be diligent and persistent in our focus of energy toward the areas that need the most help.

We will certainly have more storms and tornadoes around the world as this is the time and the present weather patterns are changing and somewhat different because of change in the worlds environment.

Since we cannot control the weather we must all apply the philosophy of prepare for the worst and hope for the best. More and more families are keeping their pantries stocked with at least three months of staples for nourishment, a good first aid kit, flash lights, kerosene lamps, camping equipment that include a tent with sleeping bags, and some are even keeping weapons for shooting animals if needed to survive. There have been people who are stocking up munitions which I do not believe they will need but if it makes them feel more secure and they are not breaking any laws then that is up to them. In America we all love our guns and our freedom to possess them.

There are many people who live in big cities that have to drive a long way to find a park or natural camp ground to enjoy the outdoors. The tourism may be dealing with campers only staying within a 100 mile radius because of the price of fuel. The tourism industries around the world may only see an upset over the next 100 days which by then in America we will see either a up or down swing in travelers who spend money each year sight seeing. There may be more people visiting museums and their local culture.

Regarding jobs there will be more corporations desiring to grow if they do not have to worry about paying higher prices in insurance and health care benefits. The actual employees want to cover their spouses and children but at the present time, they cannot afford their own expensive health care so the insurance companies and our government will have to finally decide whether to allow the American public to vote on issues before simply passing bills in the Executive Branch We will see that the President, Senate and Congress will be somewhat considerate to their constituents about what will change in the future including socialized medicine.

We are going to have to accept the fact that we will need more hospitals, retirement assisted living homes that are economical and affordable but yet nice with little garden patios and small kitchenettes for those who have retired but lost their nest eggs and are over sixty five years of age. The social security system and Medicare will be needed for all those who will soon be reaching retirement age and will have to be taken care of. Those who are President Obama’s age will not be so quick to do away with social security and retirement based on the fact that they do not have President Obama’s millions .

Economic issues are important not only in America but world wide. There are many countries that look much more modern and have built up their landscape and architecture to be more of what we expected the twenty-first century to look like. America now sees that we are behind the international time and date zone of what the people expected America to become by this time. Frank Lloyd Wright us needed in architecture in America or his counterparts in this century. Now that we have seen a stabilization in the housing market we need to set a standard of what we can obtain for the average three bedroom, two bath home with a family room, computer room, music room, and double garage. It will be more than $150,000 but we need to stabilize the standard home with all the best electronic equipment hook ups for digital televisions and multi electric plugs in the computer and family rooms. This means that we will want a home with more electrical outlets and lighting with the new bulbs. Solar panels will be included as an option in pricing arrangements while the world waits on wind and water turbine clean energy alternatives.

Coal and oil will still be the norm until we can obtain the way to provide wind when there is none available. Energy conservationists will become popular and will be exploring other options with futurists and entrepreneurs. There are many who are working on inventions that will bring popularity to science projects in school in the fall specially in science fairs which will probably increase in popularity with science and technology creating more jobs for college graduates.

Once we take care of the basics of the family and our homes, we can then think about more gadgets for ourselves. The gaming industry is taking off but so are the entrepreneurs who invent them. Software copyrights and companies that can sell on the Internet will become increasingly popular while ordering products on line will become the norm for many home shoppers as buyers. There will be more Americans learning to work and clock in their hours for work on their own home computers which can record their time and keystrokes while providing jobs from home to the service industry specially those who can assist others in customer service in the technologies of personal use products.

We will be encouraging building up communities from within with National Security jobs in the Border Patrol areas that include jobs in the border states. The electronic verification program will go into affect for all companies in America where corporate America will work with National Security through Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration as we all desire to not give up jobs to illegal immigrants. This now means without a real bonafide social security number that can be validated with the real persons thumb print for identification we will not be allowing people to work in jobs that require a bonafide paycheck with taxes withheld. There may still be general contractors paid in cash until there is a crack down on keeping up with paper for monetary exchange. More banks are going to offer more services to there customers to save time. There will be an increase in customer service as people will become choosy over who they give their hard earned money too. Social Networking is becoming increasingly popular as companies realize that people want to know who they can count on with logo and brand recognition.

Culture will become part of each countries recognition in the tourism industry. There will be more countries such as India, China, Turkey, and other small countries desiring to manufacture American products.

Countries will be competing with each other and many are already gearing up with broad band connections. Cell phones are the accepted way to communicate and to reach the Internet. Emails and Instant messaging with Twitter is becoming a normal way to communicate. The new Google way to collect like igoogle and icollect on services of only $1.00 and up to $5.00 will be used on the Internet to obtain certain information. Browsers will become known as will Google and Amazon on the Internet. Yahoo has teamed up with ATT so we can see how this works out on the Internet. Internet Collect will now become a way to send funds to others around the world. Music on the Internet for downloads becomes increasingly popular. Movies are here to stay as part of all countries culture that have a major city.

Education is important and will now be promoted and marketing will increase to share that we are never to old to learn and learning is continuous and we are always retooling and upgrading our minds and intellect. We will become a species of not only consumers, and explorers of the unknown but learners to be educated beyond our capacity to assimilate the knowledge. Therefore , we are going to accept that we will have computer chips that can be adapted in our brains to carry more information in our brains and not just in our cell phones, notebooks, and computers. Seven and ten inch screens for reading more electronic books will be used by all not just in school work at colleges but with all travelers on vacation, on the beach, while camping outdoors, sitting in airports, and traveling in general. There will be multiple ways to be entertained with our games and gadgets.

Social networking is becoming the way to promote one’s own interest, and business. There will soon be a way to separate the cyberspace reality world with friends on the Internet from those who are considered in 3D or third dimensional bodies. We will be accepting virtual reality as our own newly created personalities as avatars that are our Internet Image Personas that resemble our real physical faces that we used in real time 3D. Space time will become a reality in space and there will be more and more talk in the new science and technology jargon that will create new words not just in the music genre, and space genre but in every day Internet genre. There will be more keywords, tag lines, and headlines, and sublines.
There will be more websites than ever before with new ways to express our future creations on the Internet and with WI.

Automobiles will become of various breeds and kinds like classes of dogs in a Dog Show. We have car shows but now we will have various breeds of cars that include the new fuel efficient hybrids, electric cars, cars that mix batteries, and solar power, with old gasoline fuel back up. There will be a whole new generation of automobile designers of the future leaning toward the highway in the sky that will exist above all Interstate Highways within the next 10 0 years. There will be EL systems for fast commuting trains from one big city to another that will follow the Interstate Highway systems and the railway systems over the next 100 years. Guided automobiles will become the norm with computers becoming smarter about GPS tracking systems and where one can program one address to another via computer on their cars. There will be computer driven school buses to and from addresses that are listed with the schools to and from with security on board for policing the travel to and from the school and home security systems. Security systems will be on all schools and in most all homes with security cameras accepted all over the cities, schools, and all public places to and from locations in larger cities.

Rural towns will gradually include the closest Interstate System for public transportation in their chamber of commerce advertising on the Internet. Public Transportation to and from work will be expected in towns that want people who graduate college from the ages of twenty-five through thirty-five. Adults will be considered in two ways. Females who can bear children at puberty based on their maturation system will be classified and protection for unwanted pregnancies will be recorded in their school first aid offices. This will become a public awareness issue for those desiring unwanted pregnancies with the females approving birth control in various forms from the age a female reaches her physical maturation with menstruation cycles. This varies with females and a campaign to educate the entire global population about unwanted pregnancies and social solicitation of a practical nature will be employed globally.

There will be various portions of the world with avenues marked for commercial vehicles only on the Interstates for trucks and vans while the Interstate will have lanes for individuals and commuters only. This is already being done in some of the bigger cities and on the Interstates but this will be adopted as the new norm over the whole world. There will be more commercialization of long stretch shopping malls with indoor riding bands and escalators that can carry the carts for shoppers that are electric with lanes for riders up and down the malls all over the world. The new way to share in window shopping for future purchases on the Internet will be offered in all stores that exist during the transition to Internet purchases while some will still want to maintain a physical location for shoppers that will want a family outing with food, and movies still offered as the main food quarts with gaming and movie houses all in one main theater environment with electric light shows and music similar to Las Vegas all over the world. When one arrives into a country and clears customs one will then step into an immediate light show with large super video screens that offer all the services available to the travelers in that area and country while visiting. Personal Pleasure and Business Passports will be separate and colors that can easily be recognized that will become something like an International Driver’s License that will become part of a global community identification card that allows one to drive, shop, and have access to their electronic funds. One card for all needs while traveling will be how this will come into being through the United Nations Alliance.

The United Nations will become involved with global community until a newer organization that includes the entire global population becomes active and enforced with these new International Cards that can be used in computers and with broad band all over the world for recognition wherever one goes. This social security or federal identification number used in business will be adopted as the way we are all recognized.
Global Security Police will become the global security base of standardization with everyone that is born given a number of recognition with retina scan identification on the card that will match the eye and not the finger prints because finger prints can be changed. DNA will be on file for every being born on the planet. Stay tuned as more of the future predictions are revealed through the next 100 days leading up to December 21, 2012.


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The Encyclopedia of Religious Phenomena by J Gordon Melton
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The Encyclopedia of Religious Phenomena by J Gordon Melton
[] The Reaping

A former Christian missionary, who specializes in debunking religious phenomena, investigates a small town which seems to be suffering from the 10 …
Tue, 02 Dec 2008 06:04:09 -0800
[] The Reaping

In “The Reaping,” Hilary Swank plays a former Christian missionary who lost her faith after her family was tragically killed, and has since become …
Wed, 03 Dec 2008 04:00:51 -0800
[] The Reaping

Her faith shaken by a family tragedy from which she was never quite able to fully recover, a professor of theology from Louisiana State University …
Mon, 05 Jan 2009 00:23:08 -0800
[] The Reaping

A former Christian missionary, who specializes in debunking religious phenomena, investigates a small town which seems to be suffering from the 10 …
Wed, 01 Apr 2009 06:41:54 -0700
[] The Reaping

A former Christian missionary, who specializes in debunking religious phenomena, investigates a small town which seems to be suffering from the 10 …
Mon, 06 Apr 2009 08:27:59 -0700
[] The Reaping

Hilary Swank plays a former Christian missionary who lost her faith after her family was tragically killed, and has since become a world renowned …
Thu, 09 Apr 2009 15:33:03 -0700
[] The Reaping

Her faith shaken by a family tragedy from which she was never quite able to fully recover, a professor of theology from Louisiana State University …
Mon, 11 May 2009 19:05:17 -0700
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Evolutionary Religious Studies A New Field of Scientific Inquiry Charles Darwin and other early evolutionists were fascinated by religious phenomena and how they might be explained
Mon, 11 May 2009 19:05:17 -0700
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Evolutionary Religious Studies A New Field of Scientific Inquiry Charles Darwin and other early evolutionists were fascinated by religious phenomena and how they might be explained

Mon, 11 May 2009 19:05:17 -0700
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Evolutionary Religious Studies A New Field of Scientific Inquiry Charles Darwin and other early evolutionists were fascinated by religious phenomena and how they might be explained
Mon, 11 May 2009 19:05:17 -0700
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Emile Durkheim Malinowsky and Radcliffe Brown in order to explain religion and various religious phenomena advocated Functional theory According to this Functionalist theory Societies are made up of inter dependent social institutions in such a way

Mon, 11 May 2009 19:05:17 -0700


Regarding the world population general level of critical mass thinking
By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
On or about June 7, 2009, I decided that writing for those who are not really ready to receive information is not the best way to proceed with future sharing of information pertaining to truth and reality universally accepted in other galaxies but not the Milky Way Galaxy. The human race of those who exist on earth are not ready to know of the truth and observations of their intelligent beings species.
Releasing information in syndicated articles is not assisting at the rate in which the information needs to be shared prior to the changes to occur in 2012.
Based on my time on earth as a human being, I have learned to stay within the confines of what is acceptable as normal.
Based on what is normal now is what is wrong with the way we foresee the future.
As long as I stay in the confines of certain labeled stereotypes providing information only when one desires to pay for this information then it is acceptable.
As a Legal Investigator, I can provide information based on sticking to the facts of the case. This is based on what is required for discovery dealing in legal matters.
As a Business Entrepreneur, as long as I speak about Business and Marketing plans and produce marketing, advertising, public relations, analysis and research on subjects that are already accepted as normal in the mainstream then all is well with those who I involve in my personal business matters.
When speaking of extra terrestrials, spacecraft not of earth origin, if I speak in military terms and accepted chronological order with dates, events, who, what, where, whey, how, how much or in the basic formats for Investigative Reporters then all is well with the document that I produce.
Being considered eccentric is the word attached to thinkers who are sometimes thinkers who are wealthy that put their ideas and thoughts into words for others to peruse. If one is not wealthy and accepted in a certain class in the world then the way others may see a person such as me is crazy.
Regardless of who and how one is portrayed is based on perceptions of the one who is seeing, hearing, reading, and the receiver of the information. This information may or may not be the truth to the receiver but as the sender, creator, of the information, even if one is using a language that one is familiar with such as English the universal language in business, the reality of what is being produced as a product or service can be misunderstood.
If we are individuals are to create our new world for future expectations with the laws of survival and nature involved then we may also want to consider that all that has been taught in the left brain logical way of thinking and point of views as normal may not be that normal.
If one is to grow into understanding the right brain left handed way of thinking in the world then there will have to be some left brain/right hand thinkers who will have to open their minds to accepting that which may not have been thought as normal in prior history of knowledge, information and communications.
We are all basically the same. Why we choose to not converse with others globally with our life experiences and deepest thoughts is due to us choosing to believe that we will not be accepted into the mainstream of general populace critical mass way of thinking.
This leads into the fact that some of us have had off world experiences that others want to know about but, they may not be ready to accept that there really is an off world and another way of perceiving reality.
There are ways to think that probably should not be divulged to those who are not ready to hear. This main theme of websites may seem like reality and on main stream subjects but I suggest that UFO is not a main stream market. I suggest that any website and anyone dealing with UFOs and the topic of extra terrestrials will be considered working in a niche market or interested in a Niche Market.
Niche Markets are becoming of major interest among many large corporations who are investing in websites being built on the Internet such as About us.
There are ways for us to continue sharing information but unless I begin sharing my information in more of a mainstream way and with words chosen to allow others to catch up in the world to simply being one intelligent beings species with a new global community agenda, I might as well be sharing information with a wall.
There is information that can be shared in a very complex way with forward thinkers who know that we have extra terrestrials who come and go from this planet.
There is information that is privileged that I realize now should not be shared with people in general and why so many people want to believe in such movies as Men In Black as realty.
There are those who I have come in contact within my time on earth who have been most generous. There are those who I have come in contact with in my professional life in the military and in government employ who know that I am sharing more than I should with those who do not understand or appreciate what could and should be shared with all beings on earth.
Going about sharing information that others are not ready and willing to accept as truth based on here say evidence can only be done in fiction form.
The truth will someday be disclosed about extra terrestrials and unidentified flying objects. Right now, this has become a rather large niche market for beings who are trying to earn somewhat of a living or part-time income. I will not interfere with this process. This may be what is needed for the entire UFO and Paranormal Community to progress into a full blown money making market. I really do not know that others in the past have become rich.
I can mention names like Whitley Strieber, Stanton T. Friedman, Erich von Daniken, Zechariah Sitchen, and others who have written books that are not accepted in the mainstream as reality. They all had to put up with critics. This is part of being human and living a life that is behind the times.
There will be new authors with new discoveries dealing with the new Anthroponomy.
Maybe some of us seem out of place and not accepted in the niche markets at all.
There will be a time when those who are willing to share some of their own life experiences will be accepted. Until such time as the world decides to accept the fact that we were seeded here and are only those who may have a foothold in more than one world then We all should take time to absorb what we can and keep an open mind regarding our future.
2012 is about opening up our minds to the possibility that we are only using a small portion of our brains.
The world will have to take a giant leap for humankind in order to grasp onto the changes in science that are coming in our future.
We have to accept that most beings are kept in the dark like mushrooms for reason. Change is constant but also sometimes can effect a beings inner thoughts and judgment putting them in a state of shock which shakes their individual foundation on who they are or who they think they are. One movie that did this was called the Matrix. Another was called the Da Vinci Code.
Future information should continue to be shared in movies such as those made by Stephen Spielberg like Close Encounters, and ET. The total world population is seen to have in general an eight grade education level if that according to academic standards. We must continues the basics of education and promoting education throughout the world. The planets level of understanding of space technology and other galaxies with intelligent life forms is beyond the general populace of 6.8 billion people taking or leaving some.
For those who know of M. Knight Shyamalan, he is a forward thinker and uses his imagination but puts his thoughts into creation that others can relate to in the film industry. Therefore, he is accepted in the general populace as a movie writer and producer. I suggest that we as a civilization are not ready to know the truth.
It is this Investigative Reporters findings while keeping with American Culture International Relations standards as an observer while writing on extraordinary topics that those who exist in the niche markets dealing with extra terrestrials and spacecraft not of earth origin are in their own ways of thinking forward not able to handle the truth of other alien civilizations that exist in space.
I am making this report available to the entire public on websites and on blogs. This is in keeping with my own truth of who I am that desires to uphold peace with true morals, dignity, and ethics that are used in all locations in this universe.
It is time to accept the Universal Virtual Citizens in nomenclature only but I feel that I must agree with my colleagues, and my trusted spouse who like me has been off world.
The truth of what we know makes us different but responsible only to those who have the intelligence to know and work among other intelligent beings species that choose to remain secret to the entire human race of beings that presently were born on planet earth.
This is because of their primitive teachings in the world and the way they are taught to believe while using only a small portion of their abilities as ascension sentient intelligent beings species.
This report will be forwarded to those who desire to know. It is my opinion that the world that is presently referred to as earth and Gaia will not be able to make the transition to universal citizens at the point in time that on earth is recorded as December 21, 2012, 11::11 in the 24 hour time slots on planet earth in the Milky Way System.
The Disclosure Project will fail once again with this the Obama Administration. Based on the Findings of Facts in study and participation over the last five years I come to the unfortunate conclusion that I must agree with Agent Thomas R. Morris. The world is not ready to know of other alien civilizations.
Lead Investigator
Theresa J. Thurmond Morris.
TJ MORRIS ACIR #124124038
American Culture International Relations


Robert F. Beck
PHONE: 01483 829685 email :
President Obama 17/01/09
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500, United States
Dear Mr. President,
I am a dissident physicist with knowledge beyond mainstream science that you can confirm or deny via President Putin (hopefully) or other sources you know you can depend upon in Russia.
Confirming this knowledge can negate the most likely threat to your own life, and widen your options on some very difficult issues.
Firstly, you need to confirm that Valery Uvarov is the government appointed head of UFO research in Russia and authenticate that this is the same man claiming such role in a video interview with Project Camelot (Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy).
Once this is confirmed you should be able to discuss with President Putin and other World leaders, an announcement very early in your presidency that will thwart those opposed to your energy policies. I am assuming that you know or can soon discover that many ex military (especially Bob Dean) and others in the US confirm what Valery Uvarov says in general about advanced beings’ role in the solar system and human affairs.
You then need to understand that Valery Uvarov not only confirms what I say about changing Earth orbit via its rate of spin, he says it has happened before. My suggestion for achieving this may be how the “Guardians” did it, but I do have experimental evidence to suggest that they may know an easier way. Either way, it has to be achieved slowly, and time is running out (as you may know or will soon learn).
Whether or not this is achievable (or even the wisest course of action – I have limited information), I can tell you that technologies are possible that can save many lives and significantly reduce the suffering in the case of various future scenarios. Once the whole World knows that the options on available technologies are bound to be greater than most had assumed, there will be no point in the continued denial of things such as water powered cars (the key to economic recovery in the west).
I can explain why the low energy dissociation of water at very specific frequencies is possible, and how this is related to both anti-gravity and cold fusion. Brief confirmation that I understand anti-gravity, and a suggestion for the wording of your announcement, is in the attached copy of an email to my MP about my own sighting of a possible UFO, and my ability to link related observations with the wind turbine incident in Lincolnshire.
As you may realize from information on my website, I was hugely relieved when you were elected, and extremely concerned about Gordon Brown’s decision on Heathrow expansion. Your scientific advisers (or Al Gore) need to look at my analysis of a paper demonstrating that reduced light caused by vapor trails significantly reduces uptake of CO2 via photosynthesis. Click on the link to my Comprehensive Statement. Also click on the link to my second paper for a full scientific verification of anti-gravity.
Yours sincerely,
Robert F. Beck


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The People in the UFO Paranormal Community Making a Difference – Symbols are Important
DARPA human intelligence research digs deep
by Steve Hammons  – Read Full STORY on  UFO Digest
There may be deeper or higher quantum energies and fields in play.
Can we also conduct effective research into these possible influences?
When considering what research approaches to take, another famous psychiatrist named Fritz Perls probably has words of wisdom for us. Perls put forth the idea of a gestalt, a word meaning form or shape and often used in reference to the larger whole or wholeness.
The whole picture of human consciousness and intelligence is something that many people find quite fascinating, and many believe that it extends into areas we can barely comprehend. However, continual well-directed research may make valuable discoveries that can provide significant breakthroughs.
UFO DIGEST Management
Dirk Vander Ploeg
Editor and Publisher
Dirk Vander Ploeg is the owner, editor and publisher of UFO He has worked in publishing for the majority of his professional life and has acted as publisher for various magazines. He is a writer and contributes to UFO Magazine and other publications. Email Dirk Vander Ploeg.
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News & Data Handling Capability New For Compass Morainn

News Release 05/28/09
Copy & Distribute Freely
Cyrellys Geibhendach
Compass Morainn Administrator

Compass Morainn, an association of exopolitical mediators has a new news & data handling capability to report. We have just added a yahoogroup to work with exopolitical news and other data in the Compass Morainn Site Network, which currently includes the Compass Morainn Journal, Members Forum, Wikizine and main website. This site is a part of the Compass Morainn tool package for use in mailing lists data consolidation and data review. Subjects is broad, including but not limited to: exopolitical mediation, traditional mediation, exopolitics, ufology, national/international government & corporate news/events, and more.

Other news to report includes that UFO Digest has published several of our articles from the Journal. Other locations you can find Compass Morainn work is in Facebook under individual authors from the Journal. Facebook badges for Facebook participating Compass Morainn authors are posted on the Journal.

Compass Morainn is openly accepting new members interested in the field of Exopolitical Mediation or as supporters of the field and of active mediators. Both members and non-member authors may submit articles on the mechanics of exopolitical mediation to our email: for publication in both the Journal and the Wikizine. Exopolitical and Ufology articles or related material is welcome for submission in the Wikizine and yahoogroup. Please specify your submission destination when submitting. All non-member submissions or submissions for the Wikizine & yahoogroup should be marked ‘Copy & Distribute Freely’.

STARGATE STAR BABIES,,,,, http://www.tjmorrismedia.comby Richard Stallman

Can technical writers earn money by writing free documentation for free software? We seriously hope so, and that is the reason for the GNU Free Documentation License.
The GFDL is meant as a way to enlist commercial publishers in funding free documentation without surrendering any vital liberty. The “cover text” feature, and certain other aspects of the license that deal with covers, title page, history, and endorsements, are included to make the license appealing to commercial publishers for books whose authors are paid. To improve the appeal, I consulted specifically with staff of publishing companies, as well as lawyers, free documentation writers, and the community at large, in writing the GFDL.
At least two commercial publishers of software manuals have told me they are interested in using this license. The future is never a sure thing, but the GFDL looks like it has a good chance to succeed in shaping a social system where commercial publishers pay people to write commercial free manuals for free software.ANGELS AND DEMONS AS Good Aliens and Bad Aliens Exist.
There are both good and bad aliens. I prefer to call them all extraterrestrials.
Aliens come and go from this planet as they please based on their own abilities.
It is my understanding that those whom I am in contact with are very good. 
There are plenty of stories of the famous greys presently on earth. This was fueled by the Roswell 1947 crash.
One ship was left intact  and taken on flatbed truck back to the Roswell Hangar while the other that crashed in pieces was picked up in pieces later.
The two grey pilots who brought down one spacecraft to pick up the two other greys or so it was planned that was were killed. 
One Grey was seriously injured. One was killed by an army troop. 
This story I have written before so will not go into the details which can be found on UFO Digest.
We are all allowed free will and choices while here. There are many questions I have just like most all of our species on earth.
The difference with me is that I have been allowed to know things that were to assist when the time comes. This also goes for my companion and spouse.
We make sense when we are together and can actually command the spacecraft when needed. This sounds completely ridiculous to part of me that was born on earth. But, there are parts of me that have been tweaked since birth. This is something that others have not considered in any of the research and investigations that I have come across in the UFO and Paranormal Communities writings on earth.
Because I am human meaning born a human on earth, I have all the same senses, emotions, and understanding of what it takes to live on earth as a white Anglo Saxon female that speaks the universal English language. This gives me advantages on earth. As does my 5’11” height and 200# weight range give or take depending on my energy output versus energy in put we call food. 
I know who I am based on very interesting training and technical support by the extra-terrestrials we call Est. and Nordics. Although I have pure white hair now, I was born with black hair and hazel eyes. The age on earth that I now have is 57 years and 6 months being born Dec. 26, 1951.
Due to my training on earth, I have been allowed to know about various intelligent beings who are just like us just older, wiser, and come from various cultural backgrounds in stellar space based on their galaxy ways of existence.
I was an Investigator most my life. I lived a very successful life in business and public security. I have no reason to lie. I gain nothing from telling and sharing. I am a caring person and I feel that this species can be saved. My husband does not agree.
Take into consideration that although we were born on earth, that we have the ability to leave earth that not everyone is afforded. But, we are here on earth because we choose to be here. It was our government that allowed us training of one kind.  It was the extra-terrestrials that allowed us the training of another kind.  Was this by choice, at the time we thought it was. We are not bothered by these beings because it is a matter of choice. The government nor the aliens will bother us to do work unless it is in agreement first with our own free will and  choice. Secondly, if there is a need for us to be mobilized then we will be.
My husband has been trained to lead others as have I. I have training to lead a fleet and so does my husband. Does the government know and understand this the way we do no they do not. Do the extraterrestrials understand this yes. We have both made it clear that we were born here and we will do our duty when needed. Until then, both the government and the Extra-terrestrials have made an agreement to allow us to live our lives as we see fit. This is free will. Do I expect others to believe me. No not at all. I share because I am different from most beings I know and I have the power given me to do as I see fit while on earth as a Commander and a Communicator. 
When it is time, I will release information that we need on earth that is pertinent to the future. This is based on my own decisions alone. My husband also has decisions to be made and we have many beings who we are responsible for on earth and above earth. 
There is much that beings on earth do now know nor do they have a need to know. This is how it has always been. I do try to share some information over time for layman so that they can better understand that there is much in the universe that needs to be explored.
Why am I different and yet the same as any other being one might ask. It is based on many factors that have not been explained to everyone in the general populace. I seem to know things because I have been allowed to know the past and the future of things that can happen if we do not work together to make sense of life on earth and what we are here to do.
Responsibility in life depends on what others think sometimes. Raising consciousness and awareness of the species of which I am a part is important to me but, I know this happens in time and over thousands of years.
I can explain things that I know to be true but there are other things that I personally do not have an understanding of. Like why are only 14 minutes missing from my life when I leave earth? This has not been explained although it appears on earth that I have disappeared for that long, I may have been on the main Flagship for 2 weeks or 2 months. I understand life there as much as I do here but, cannot explain it. 
The Supreme High Council that is above the Flagship of all of the various beings who work together in the military environment is over the Flagship.
But, they listen to certain beings who have positions  in the military above and monitor our lifestyles while we are here on earth.    
I can tell those who want to know about aliens that there are both good and bad as far as the world is concerned.
I am part of an alliance that has been trained on earth to fight in space for the whole entire species. This means that we are chosen to combine our talents and understanding of who will defend certain galaxies and planets that are home to intelligent being species.
Can I explain this to the leaders of the world probably. Would they listen, probably not. Is it important that they understand not really because there is nothing they can do. Do I recruit people who I believe are stable enough mentally to assist me when the time comes to keep the panic down on earth most definitely. Does this seem like something in a science fiction movie I think so. So how does one stay in touch with both the world we call earth and the one above and understand it all? We are trained to have an allegiance to all galaxies that are in the alliance to protect certain galaxies from those who are not like us. Those who would destroy us are much more aggressive and hostile. We see it all the time on television and in movies for a reason.